For my time at sixth form I decided to undertake a Creative and Media diploma and Graphic Design a level, which intertwined very well. The Creative and Media consisted of a variety of media based subject areas: Set design, Film Making, Photography, Journalism, Illustration and Web design. By taking this course I was able to enhance my creativity and as I am a curious student I was able to increase my knowledge in these subjects.

My Project for Set design included me to help plan and organize an event, ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’  The event was a show played by drama students. Our role was to:

·         Create posters and advertise the performance
·         Create the props such as Audrey II (the plant), flowers, background sceneries etc
·         Attend the event to work backstage

Thankfully due to all our hard work the event ran very successfully. The drama department was very satisfied with our help and I had so much fun helping out to organize the event and making sure it ran as smoothly as possible. Event management is the industry I would love to work in. I’m very passionate about the process of organizing an event and I strongly think it is a career suitable for my skills.

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