Importance of Audience

For any show an audience is always included, whether it is a big crowd or a few member it is still an audience to whom you are presenting to. For the best outcome of a show you need to be able to satisfy everyone in the audience. For every process of the stage to create the production show ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ I took in to consideration the audience, for every decision I had to make I would always ask myself , would this be suitable for the audience? Will the audience enjoy this? How will this affect the audience? As the shows actors were about 13-14 years of age we figured that the targeted age range of a younger audience would fit best to attract more people to attend the show. With this in mind however we know that as students participating in a school show their parents/guardians would also attend to show support and just generally see how proud the kids have made them. This then led us on to think instead of having just a limited younger age range why not have another age group as we want as many people to attend the show. This didn’t limit us to whom we were targeting, even though this could jeopardize some of our ‘childlike’ ideas we had in mind as we needed ideas to interest a younger and older audience.

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