1.      What practical work did you get involved with for the production?

·         Visual research
·         Graphic design poster
·         Stage management
·         Prop construction
·         Scene painting

2.      What did you find out about the timescale of pre-production work?

·     An Immoveable deadline means you start working along with more pressure as the dates get closer. To help you succeed to complete all tasks on time a reliable system management leader who is organized and prepared to give up a lot of their time can help to instruct all team members with tasks considering the time scale.

3.      What part did you enjoy or feel you were good at/bad at?

·    Graphic Design,
I liked researching visually using digital devices; search engines. I found that recognizing the real touch of 1950’s New York was an important element to get the most precise pictures and information for the poster. As a final point by using my creativity I was able to design a range of layouts and propose them to the rest of my group.

4.      Explain one element of the project you think you have learnt the most from?

·    Whilst working backstage I learnt the difficulties that may arise during a performance which need to be handled straight away. You must be prepared to face any obstructions that may cause the show to not run smoothly. You can prevent obstructions by working in detail, rehearsing as much as you can, keeping check lists and making sure everything is constructively working well. Having a system management is vital and can make a huge improvement in comparison to not having one at all.
You must also need to use precise measurements whilst creating the props and action prop construction. Rehearsing is very important to make scene changes and improvements also to discover queue’s to open and close curtains, different lighting (brightness, position, color etc), sound (volume) and use of props (placements, use, position – background, fore-ground, centre).

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