Final Evaluation

By completing this unit I have been able to gain an insight in the theatre and event management industry. I have always been fond of helping backstage in events, assisting and also taking leadership but whilst completing the tasks that I was given throughout the production made me realize I was growing a passion for it and would love to do something similar for living. The ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ production show was a real eye opener for me and right the way through I have been able to learn new useful knowledge such as what you need to take in to consideration whilst organizing the event and why, which aspects you need to cover so that you are not liable for anything to go wrong and much more. I feel that I have become aware of my strengths which were: I am organized and reliable to complete any task on time at a good standard. In opposition the task has also allowed me to become aware of my weakness; being: as ambitious as I am I didn’t like the idea of relying on other people to complete tasks as I prefer having full responsibility. However to me this is a positive weakness I can improve on, even though I am good at co-operating in team work my leadership instincts always kick in, but maybe someday this may just be a skill if I can wisely control it. Moreover, taking leadership and having the determination to be responsible for majority of the tasks is a huge advantage, not many people would want to do this and for me to step forward and want to includes a lot of courage. 

My favourite and most enjoyable task would have to be helping out backstage on the actual production show as it was so intense, I felt so challenged and it was a great feeling especially when the show successfully ended and I looked up to see the crowd giving a standing ovation. It made me really proud of myself and the group and everyone else who put in their time and effort as it all paid off. As an advantage I have also been able to enhance upon my communication skills and self-motivation. My main role included me to work within the graphic designs tasks which included researching previous posters, looking at typography, developing ideas and creating a final design. With previous graphic design skills on Photoshop and good knowledge of how to use a wide variety of materials I felt I was great use to the group. But this was the same for everyone in my group and so when one person pitched an idea everybody was able to contribute another idea to improve it as we wanted to achieve the best result of a poster which would work great with our target audience. Another point I have learnt and recognized during the process of completing these tasks is how important your audience is. Without an audience a show would not be possible because you would not be performing to anyone. In addition I have learnt that during each and every task and also whilst making important decisions and changes you should also pay a significant amount off consideration to your audience.

Doing this project made me aware of my talents in Set design and helped me make a huge decision. I want to study a subject similar to Theatre, possibly event management. I have proven to myself and everyone else that I have leadership, communication and team work skills and during the process I have only improved them.

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