Client Communications

After a successful meeting with Miss Jones, ACL for performing Arts and PE and more importantly director and producer of the show, I was able to pitch my creative ideas about the poster designs and where they can be located best so that they can be noticed and seen more. I also asked about any queries that I had such as:

  • Size of the poster
  • How many to print out
  • How many to laminate for outdoor use
  • Deadlines
In addition we also discussed the posters needs and ‘must-have’ information on the performance that the audience will need to know such as:

  • Date and timings
  • Location
  • Legal rights information to perform the production
Miss Jones told me the reason why we must write certain information which was received back from the original producers after the school brought the script and right to perform the performance. Miss Jones informed me of her ideas were and at what standard so that I could get a good understanding of her expectations. After the meeting I was aware of all the requirements and able to start planning my layouts for the poster.

By having a discussion with Miss Jones I acknowledged the do's and don’ts about creating a poster. I was able to improve my ideas and base them upon the target audience such as where the posters can be located? How much can I add on to one poster which someone can clearly see and read whilst walking past? And how creative I need to be to make someone walking past stop, read the poster and be interested?

In my opinion I think a meeting to discuss the progress of each stage of the process to run a successful show is very important. By looking at a different perspective you enable yourself to recognize the significant differences as to how you can see something. I think everyone’s opinions should be considered for the best result, a new eye can always pick out any mistakes which you can't.

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