Production Designer

A production designer also known as the person in charge of all the tasks, challenges and obstacles that may rise and need to be taken care of. In the film/event industry a production designer’s roles are very important and include a variety of key skills, without a production designer it is almost impossible for a job to be completed within a time limit, up to a high standard or for something to run as smoothly as possible.

In the early stages of preparing for a show, film or an event the production designer collaborates with the director and other important crew members needed to establish specific aspects around each division of the project and putting it together. Regardless of how big or small the project may be, a production designer is always needed as they guide everyone included in the crew/staff to recognize an unfamiliar visual appearance of the project. Production designers sketch storyboards to communicate visual ideas of how they intend the set to look like. They also create a 3Dimensional model piece. However they do not design costumes as other this duty is done by other crew members.

Production designers consist of many important skills and qualities which are a necessity such as the following:

· a good understanding of production techniques and method
· a lot of creativity
· being able to look into detail within deadlines
· the ability to research what customers look for in a product
· the ability to use drawings, 3D models and computer designs
· a passion to make things look precise and perfect
· knowledge of a variety of props and materials
· a good team worker

A stable entry route in education to get into Production design is to achieve a foundation degree or higher national certificate degree usually in Production design/Theatre design. Although product design is an element in many other subjects this may also be useful. Training is normally given to someone without any experience, in many cases short courses are advised or given is places such as The Design Business Association, British Design Innovation and the Centre for Sustainable Design as they offer relevant courses.

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