Final Props and Backgrounds

Whilst creating the props and backgrounds for the stage of the production 'Little Shop of Horrors' a lot of thought went in to it. We looked at moodboards to identitfy the atmosphere we wanted to achieve, experimented with materials, developed ideas after being influenced by looking at images of real theatres and much more. The costumes were chosen by the teachers as they wanted to make sure all clothes were appropriate for the audience. Once provided with the costumes me group and I styled them to make them look like old fashion clothing accessorized with a similar feel. A lot of the flowers which were used in the flower shop were created using different materials, primariliy we wanted to experiment with the materials but after positioning them on stage we really liked them all. Whilst producing the props we conducted measurements to achieve sufficent space for all the actors to perform. In addition to all the entertaining props around the stage we also had a live band play on the night which was absolutley fantastic, it was more jolly and more interacting. The lighting was perfect as you were able to see all the actors clearly, the colours of the lighting also went well with the background and produced a great contrast.

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