Plant Design

Before starting to construct our very own Audrey II (the plant) for the show my group and I researched how you could build the plant, way to plan the construction, look in to different measurements and which colors to use to intertwine both themes together.
A lot of our time was spent on discussing the process and figuring out how it would work best. We needed the plant to be life size so that someone could wear the costume throughout the show. We took measurements of a member of our group and decided to apply ourselves to work with them.  Due to using a real life size measurements we had to take in to consideration that someone will actually be in the plant which will consist of a lot of movement during the show. There also needs to be easy access to enter and exit out of the plant so it needs to be quite spacious. By using the correct materials we began our construction, throughout the process we were all determined for a great outcome bearing in mind we had an immovable deadline, which meant the pressure was on.

These are a few pictures of my group and I whilst designing and creating the plant. We spread the work load between all group members in order to meet an immoable deadline on time. We used a wide variety of materials to create the props and this was really affective as it gave a different texture and variety of color which made the show more lively.
This is an image of the final outcome of the plant on the stage. As we measured the plant before creating it, the scale of the plant was perfect and spacious for an actor to work it manually throughout the show.

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