Typography Experimentations

For every show an audience is needed and for an audience to know there is a show, it needs to be advertised. And so to urge people to attend the event of the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ production we decided to produce posters which would be located around the school and around the community where people could easily become aware of the event. We took in to account:

      ·         The poster needed to be easy to read so that one walking past could take in all the main details, and could possibly approach the poster for further details.
·         It needed to attract the students and teachers, meaning a broader age range
·         It had to include the copyright information for legal reasons
·         The theme of the show which we wanted to visually communicate through the posters using the right colors (research color connotations)
·          What images could set the atmosphere of the production on a 2D layout
To begin with, after many discussions based on how we could create the poster we decided to experiment with various layouts, typography, images, colors etc for the best result.
I started off with experimenting and looking in to a wide range of typography. I created my own freestyle using different materials and also created some titles digitally. Within my typography experimentations I used different themes using visual metaphors for example, one where I have used red ink dripping down as if it were blood. I also looked at different layouts for the title ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.  In my freestyle and digital experimentation I used a lot of green and red which relates to the plant (Audry II) and danger. Many of the typographies worked very well and lead me to more ideas that I could work with and improve on.

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