Poster layout design

In order to produce a poster we contributed, within our groups, our very own ideas. I was able to draw up three of my ideas I believe had a good potential to work really well. As it’s a rough idea which will need to be pitched to the group I have briefly written why and what I have chosen and where it should composition on the poster.

My first idea (image above) is a strong cover which gives away the genre of the show and also the concept (scary plant scaring away a boy and girl, main characters, in a shop.)  I have briefly analyzed the colors connotatively and illustrated why I have chosen them. I think this poster design idea works well because it gives the viewer an idea of the concept of the show and this is the breaking point if whether they would be interested of not. The pictures are nicely laid out on top of a brick wall; I got this idea whilst looking at my mood board and so I can instantly see this gives a 1950’s New York feel. I would however improve the title, if I could change it I would chose something which relates to the genre of the show as the pictures already do.
My second idea (image about) is of the plant alone, in my opinion I think this is a bit of a teaser as it doesn’t give away who or what else may be involved in the show and this is a great technique to interest a passing viewer. By looking back at my resources, the mood board, I decided to use a typical 1950’s New York kitchen tile as a background. I decided to use it because as I would want the plant to be painted in detail to look very realistic I wanted it to stand against something not to ‘busy’ to show a great contrast. The title is a bit ‘shaky’ and distorted and this is to show the fear. If I chose to go ahead with this design I would need to thoroughly think what colors should be used for the best result.

My third idea (image above) is of the location of where most of the show takes place which is the shop, the plant and the two main characters. Although I think the layout of the poster works well I believe to improve it I would need to re consider the sizes of the characters. I would also continue to use an image of Audrey II the plant however re scale and use a different image which shows more emotion. Again in this design I would have to choose a good bunch of colors which would go well and be able to grade them too. As the title is a bubble written bald text I think it would contrast clearly against the variety of images in the poster.

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