Poster Research

In order to conduct a good poster I used my initiative to visit various sites and look up previous posters which had been made for the show. I did this so that I could get an idea of how I could possibly be influenced to create my own ideas and form them affectively. I noticed that most posters included similar typography text and as a matter of fact I had also liked the idea of the font prior to looking at these designs. Majority of the posters also included a picture of the central protagonist, Audry II the plant, which also reflects back to my idea of adding the image too. By looking at the designs I can see how well the grading of darker tones work much better to those than lighter tones as it adapts well with the scary title. I would consider using a darker tone because I want my targeted audience to feel the fear of the production just within a poster. This could be a great outcome and really affective and I will take this in to consideration when producing my final design.

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