Once I chose the font I wanted to use, due to its charactertistics which fitted perfectly well with the genre of the production, I began to edit and make changes that I needed to make in order for the title to contrast well withthe background. As the background on the top centre on the poster is black I had to changethe colour of the text hence I inverted it.

As shown above I took a picture of the props and main character, Audry II, and used it as a background. I think the background has worked really well because it includes the main key points in pictures such as the cenrtral protagonist, the florist shop sign - where most of the movie is shot etc.

I then placed the edited title in position rescaled and resized it supporting the background in such a way it sounds out. I wanted the 'horrors' to be at a larger scale than the rest of the text to reflect the genre. I thought this would be a good idea because having the same style of text and scale is very typical and average hence I decided to be slightly different. I deliperatly used an image of the plant as it is the central protagonist.

Although the white title against the black background contrasts extremely well, I don't nessessarily think it flows fluenty with the poster as a whole, due to this I decided to colour in the title red. As a result the title now looks like red blood dripping down which is very creative considering, once again, the genre of the production is horror.
Once the title was perfectly positioned I changed the font of the other text that included the important information of where and when the production is. I decided to use a simple yet bold font so that it would stand out against the busy background.

This is the final outcome of one of my experimentations. I ensured I included all the vital information by using a checklist and getting another student to go over it incase there were any spelling errors. As a whole the page is creative yet simple as I have not used many layers, I explored and discovered that this is a good technique to create a neat and presentable poster which is easily clear to view.

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