Planning; Timesheet

Planning a huge show can be very stressful hence having a creditability of naturalism in being organized is a huge bonus. Otherwise there is training ofcorse in order to gain the skills needed. As a group, soon to be opening a production show to an audience of 200 throughout two days in a row, we wanted to have all tasks completed on time therefore we created a planning sheet which stated when we begin to work on a task and for prefebly how long. My group and I included all the specific details for the production from props to advertising the event. Being organized is really important and to have a task completed before it is needed enables you to check through it and ensure everything is correct and ready to use at an accurate time. Every week we would look at the plan sheet to acknowledge what task to begin, we ensured we had all the materials to begin the task a couple of days before we start. This meant that we could go straight in to creating whatever needed creating without wasting time to run around last minute. The planning sheet helped my group and I a significant amount as we were able to reflect on all the work we had completed (by the end of it). 

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