Stage layout design

Designing the layout of the stage is one of the most important tasks. By learning key important terms in the theatre industry such as down stage, stage blocking, sightlines etc, my group and I were able to design a layout for the stage. Firstly we enabled ourselves to acknowledge how much of the staging area we were covering by taking measurements. This was necessity in the process as we would eventually need them to create the props. Then we went through the script chronologically to acknowledge what objects such as chairs, tables and props were needed and where. Our main layout was the layout which includes majority of objects which used throughout the show. Whilst during the whole process of laying out the stage I was able to recognize some pointers which I had learnt such as, whether you’re organizing a huge or small, an outdoor or indoor show, exhibition, fashion show or any type of event a run through of the design layout is always needed. It is one of the most vital tasks and if it is done properly there is a high possibility for the event to go very unsuccessful. It is also why rehearsals are performed before hand.

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