Final Designs

This is my final design of the production leaflet and poster conducted by my group. Due to using intense research of the production I was able to start recognizing how I could form a poster where the viewer could acknowledge the genre of the production, in relation, in our posters I think we have achieved this by taking in to account the colours, images and typography used. As seen in my planning you can see that initially we wanted the leaflet/poster to include images of the central characters in the production. This was focused upon as we wanted to give a slight hint of the storyline as a teaser. For a wide range of targetted audience we took them in to a huge importance of consideration so that the design would be suitable for them. So we decided not to create the poster too “childlike.” I would personally describe the poster as formal, imaginative and interesting. All the information was clearly stated in a ‘Times New Roman’ font as we did not want the A4 sized leaflet/poster to look too busy as this could look a bit messy and not thought about whilst producing the layout. I believe the design looks absolutely professional; I would definitely be able to use it if I were organizing the show in a huge theatre. It works well for a wide target audience and covers all the aspects of looking like a horror, sci-fi and comedy musical production.

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